Visible Connect #TeamTuesday: Meet Food Connect

In 2021, Visible proudly announced the third cohort of our annual Visible Connect Accelerator Program, which supports nonprofit organizations changing their communities using mobile technology. In partnership with Uncharted, Visible Connect awards each nonprofit in the accelerator a $15,000 financial grant and free mobile devices with one year of Visible service. We and Uncharted will work alongside these game-changing entrepreneurs to help them elevate their organizations and connect them with the resources, services, expertise and relationships they need to accelerate their impact.

Over the next few weeks, we’ll continue to introduce all six of the inspiring nonprofit within our cohort, honing in on how they’re using mobile technology to create meaningful change in our community.

Executive Director of Food Connect, Megha Kulshreshtha

Megha Kulshreshtha is the executive director of Food Connect, a nonprofit helping to bridge the gap between surplus food and hunger through innovation and technology.

Find out how Food Connect’s mission aligns with the Visible Connect Accelerator Program on Visible’s Press Room.

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