Visible: Impacting Our Immediate and Extended Communities

4 min readFeb 4, 2021


Reflecting on a year of change, growth, community and collective impact.

At Visible, we’re more than a wireless carrier. Built into our mission, core values and purpose, is the desire to make the invisible, visible, by shining a light on people and communities so they feel seen, heard and empowered. Visible’s purpose has and always will be to use our service to increase connectivity for all, regardless of race, gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or socio-economic status.

Before Visible launched, we were obsessed with the idea of building a movement. Not just around creating the next generation of phone service, but how we could position our company, employees and members to make tomorrow….better.

Our dream started with Visible Connect, an accelerator program for early-stage nonprofits, whose socially conscious founders are using innovation and technology to tackle the most pressing issues facing our communities today.

We have always known there is more we can do. 2020 presented us all with a new set of challenges. From emerging health problems to deep rooted social, economic, and racial disparities, we knew as a company that we must come together to support our communities, educate ourselves on how to create change, and ultimately take a stand on social issues. Are the steps we have been able to take over the last year enough? Definitely not. But it has put us on a path to building partnerships with some incredible nonprofits organizations. We are honored to stand beside them and continue to amplify all voices in our community.

#TeamVisible First

At Visible, our greatest resource is our people. When the pandemic started, we asked all employees to work from home for their own safety. As the months went by, we realized that as a contactless, all-digital business, remote work is second nature. Visible could still move fast and fine tune along the way, all while delivering superior service to our members. Last July, Visible announced that employees will permanently work from home for the health and safety of our teams. Acknowledging the impact of this change, an expanded child care credit was extended to Visible employees and each employee is encouraged to schedule 90 minutes a day to focus on improving their mental and physical health and wellbeing. An employee benefit that will continue in 2021.

Pandemic Relief
COVID-19 forced many nonprofits to pivot to delivering services online. Visible donated over 1,000 devices and connectivity on our network to over a dozen organizations. Through these partnerships, Visible helped homeless students continue their education without disruption; allowed mental health organizations to deliver services to patients at home; provided resources and counseling to victims and survivors of domestic violence; and supported workers most impacted by the pandemic in the arts, hospitality and restaurant industries through partnerships with the Actor’s Fund and Colorado Restaurant Association. We launched Visible Acts of Kindness as an effort to create an organic community on social media for individuals to share stories on how they were adjusting, struggling and helping themselves and others during the pandemic. Over 2 million people bravely and honestly shared support, advice and encouragement, which continues today.

Social Justice and Equality
After the murder of George Floyd, Visible renewed its commitment to support, learn and work alongside nonprofits striving to break down the barriers of social injustice and inequality. Visible announced $1 million in grants to the cohorts of Visible Connect and organizations such as The Black Justice Coalition, Reform Alliance, National CARES Mentoring Movement, and Freedom Forum. In addition, Visible partnered with Hello Alice to provide $250,000 in grants to new majority business owners. Working with our employees and nonprofit partners we continue to explore opportunities, both internally and externally, around how our team can best leverage our voices and resources to address social injustice and inequality.

Visible Connect Accelerator Program

Visible Connect, which launched six months before the company had a product offering on the market, is our accelerator for tech non-profits. It’s also known as the heart and soul of the company! Now in its third year, Visible Connect, provides capital, technical support, and mentorship to six early-stage social entrepreneurs using mobile technology as a vehicle for positive change. This accelerator is a new model of impact. Since launching in 2018, the nonprofits who have participated in Visible Connect have collectively created meaningful impact for almost 6 million lives. The 2020–2021 cohort consists of nonprofits tackling critical social issues, including racial equity, mental health, and civic action.

As we move into 2021, Visible’s resolution is to continue creating a groundswell of good and impactful change by leveraging the best assets we have; our employees, members and community.




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